El Pasoans can rejoice about finally having another opportunity to win the best pet bragging rights. There are so many reasons we can list what makes OUR pet the best pet of all other pets in El Paso. You can share your love for your pet/pets by entering them for El Paso's Best Pet Contest.

If you think this best pet contest is only meant for cats and dogs, you're wrong. In fact, ALL pets of all shapes and sizes are more than welcome to enter. This means fish, iguanas, llamas, bunnies, and everything in between.

El Paso Inc. returns with its annual contest to discover who will claim the crown for the best pet in El Paso. If would like to see a refresher of last year's winners for best pets in El Paso you can see gush over the cuteness overload here. Every pet owner loves showing off their pet that is if they let you take their picture.

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For example, my pets don't really do well with pictures unless they're sound asleep. Then there are lucky people who have a separate file dedicated to pictures of their pet that's camera-friendly. Well, now is the time to start digging through or get your pet ready for picture mode again to enter them in a pet contest.

This pet competition's mission is to find El Paso's best pet based on the categories they will be competing in. Now, when you think about what exactly makes a pet the best pet, what comes to mind? For me, what makes a pet the best pet is how patient pets are with kids who don't know personal space yet.

As you will notice in the picture of my daughter Izzy and her furry brother Logan as she is interrupting his sleep. But despite her clingy tendencies Logan still wants to be around her. But El Paso's best pet won't only be judged based on the best attitude.

There are other categories such as Chuco spirit, the dynamic duo, gentle giant, fast and furriest, million-dollar smile, golden oldie, most snuggle-worthy, tiny treasure, and wildest spirit. You will be able to enter your pet beginning March 8. There will be 10 winners announced and one ultimate and supreme pet will take the crown.

It's time for El Paso's best of the best human competitors to step aside since it's the pet's turn now. El Paso Inc. Best Pet 2021 is presented by Poe Toyota and sponsored by Casa Auto Group and Country Club Animal Clinic.

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