A local filmmaker is ready to start a new film - if you want to be in it, keep reading.

Christopher Jones, whose past credits include "Save Me" is preparing his next film which will be titled "22 Weeks". It's an action flick and drama intended to help raise awareness about domestic violence. Production is scheduled to take place in February for a 7 - day shooting schedule.  Jones is looking for 5 Males, ages 20 to 40, of any ethnicity. 5 Females, ages 20 to 40, of any ethnicity. 2 Females, ages 40 to 60, of any ethnicity and 1 Male of any ethnicity, between the ages of 20 to 40 and 6'5" or taller.

If you're interested, you can email Christopher at newheropictures@yahoo.com. All submissions must be sent "on or before" June 1st. Christopher adds:

As for the roles themselves, they will all be speaking roles and scripts will be provided.  We are all facing limitations and/or struggles regarding the COVID situation. Quality, lighting and/or sound will "not" be a factor in the submission process.

Chris' last film, "Save Me", was filmed completely in El Paso and also had a plot that centered on domestic violence. It was about a former cop whose mother and father, along with his wife, are killed in a tragic example of domestic violence. Having been a cop for years, the main character, a man named Arkin, decides to take a leave of absence to establish a new form of "vigilante" justice. When the man responsible for all those deaths is released from prison, Arkin must act on his own.


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