Hood Rat:

Noun. hood rat (plural hood rats) (slang) person who lives and exhibits attitudes of inner city life. usually a negative connotation that implies poor upbringing, bad manners, little to no education and low class behavior quotation

That's the official definition of "hood rat" which is a term we all like to throw around every now and then, but now that I see it in writing, it sounds awful!

The term recently came up when I was scrolling through the El Paso Foodies group when a member was in San Antonio and was wondering where they could find an elote chorreado.

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The response they got was that the snack is considered hood rat! The group memeber eventually found an elote chorreado but began to wonder if they were hood rat, or ghetto, for liking that type of snack?

For the record, this is an elote chorreado:

I don't think it's hood rat! I think it's delicious! But it also made me wonder: are all the snacks that we love in El Paso considered hood rat?!

Like, what about Dori-nachos? A delicious mixture of Doritos and nachos?

Is it possible that Tostitos Preparados are also considered hood rat?!

If that's considered hood rat, what about chilindrinas?!

My conclusion is, these snacks are not hood rat; they're innovative and delectable,

El Paso has some amazing food, and the snacks we like may be considered hood rat in other parts of Texas, but that's because we're not basic- we don't do basic snacks!

So enjoy your elotes chorreados and papas locas because if loving these snacks makes me a hood rat, then I guess I'm a hood rat!

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