Father's Day is upon us. If you want to get Dad something he really wants, and support a local, El Paso dad while you're at it, keep these places in mind.

Dear old Dad puts up with a lot. Your Mom alone, (some might say), makes him deserving of a day in which he's simply loved, praised and adored. Right? I'm a Dad so, I'm a little biased.

Seriously though, Father's Day is right around the corner and if you want to find Dad something nice and shop local while you do it, keep reading.

There are tons of local shops and artists all over the 915 who have the perfect gift for Pops. Here are a few I recommend. Partly because I really want to help you but, partly, because I know my daughters read these things. (Hint, hint.)

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Local Gift Idea #1 - Barnett Harley Davidson

Want Dad to drop everyone else from the will? Get him a Barnett Harley Davidson. Or, maybe just an accessory he's been needing. If he doesn't ride, what dad wouldn't rock a Harley T-shirt or jacket? Dad owned and gift certificates available.

Local Gift Idea #2 - Chuco Barbas

Get the old man looking sharp with a new "do". Fix him up or buy him some stuff for his existing look from Chuco Barbas. Owned by a Dad, (who employs many vets), they offer gift certificates if you don't want to sit there and wait for Dad to get pretty.

Local Gift Idea #3 - Pumping Ink Tattoo

Also owned by a proud Papa, Pumping Ink is one of the finest tattoo shops in El Chuco. If you don't want to sit and hold his hand throughout the tattoo process, get him a gift certificate.

Local Gift Idea #4 - Rulis'

Take, (or send), Dad out for a nice meal. El Paso is loaded with great, locally owned and operated restaurants. Ruli's International Kitchen, for example, is owned by a Dad and has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Local Gift Idea #5 - Booze

To keep it local and different, hit up DeadBeach Brewery for a tasty craft beer. If your Papa likes the hard stuff, get him a bottle from Sun City Distillery.

Both also, proudly, "Dad owned".

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