We all remember the excitement we had as kids on career day at school. My weekend buddy Joe Pete shared the dopest story with me. That story involves a local DJ who brought tons of smiles to a bunch of kids' faces.

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DJ Birth Defects aka Julio Salgado was handpicked by Mrs. Eva and Luisa Navarro for career day. Now, my inner child felt stoked for the kids at Desert View Elementary.

I could feel my inner child exploding with excitement for the kids who handled a turntable at a way earlier age than me. Kids were definitely all smiles as DJ Birth Defects explained his passion for music.

But D​J Birth Defects didn't only let the students have fun, he let the staff in as well. Just see it for yourself from his video below.

Now you know you would be one of those students desperately wanting to give the turntables a spin. Shoot, I know I would definitely be first in line if that were me.

via DJ Birth Defects

DJ Birth Defects was the DJ that let the kids see what it is like to make music that gets people dancing. Desert View Elementary students certainly felt what it was like to be in the shoes of a DJ on career day.

via Julio Salgado
via Julio Salgado

The kids were all surrounding DJ Birth Defects while he showed the students a few tricks on the turntables. I bet after career day some students felt even more anxious about the future who share the same passion for DJing as Julio Salgado does.

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