I have found out this year that people are incredibly passionate about their Christmas music. Some stations and stores have been preparing for Christmas even before we could celebrate Halloween. We can all calm down as Christmas will soon be over but one DJ celebrated his love for one famous holiday song by playing it 24 times in a row.

Austria DJ Joe Kohlhofe decided to lock himself in the studio and play my personal favorite Christmas song, "Last Christmas" by WHAM! The 1984 holiday classic was played for 2 hours straight equaling 24 times in a row.

Instead of getting listening in the holiday spirit, Kohlhofe actually pissed off people instead as their phone line was full of callers demanding he stop playing the song. The only reason Kohlhofe stopped playing the song is because his 4-year-old daughter called the station to ask his daddy to stop.

Many people would want a DJ who locks himself ina  studio and plays what he wants to be fired, yet  the station Antenne Kärnten seems to be gaining some social media buzz from the incident. Plus it would be against the Christmas spirit if they were to fire poor Kohlhofe.