A group of El Pasoans got creative in order to promote their local clothing line. An El Pasoan Omar Herndon did a tremendous job re-enacting the Ful House intro theme. Plus, he picked the perfect actor for the job in his video, Samuel Medina. Plus, this video shows off parts of the Downtown area. Some areas featured were San Jacinto Plaza and the ramp that leads to Southwest University Park. Plus, if you're a Full House fan then you will definitely appreciate this video. Except, instead of seeing San Francisco while hearing the Full House theme song you're seeing the Sun City. Do you also remember how they introduced each actor at the beginning? Omar Herndon had his actor Samuel Medina do something similar just like the cast on the show.

This video promotes a local clothing line called Sun City Vibes. So to promote their clothing line they did a re-enactment of how each character is introduced. The cameraman did an up-close shot that focused on each article of clothing. The idea behind this video is brilliant just because it puts a smile on your face. You can see the different styles that are featured in this cute and funny video. But the best part about the video is the acting you see by Samuel Medina. In my opinion, he did a damn good job with his best Full House re-enactments for each clip. If you grew up watching the wholesome show then you will also get a kick out the video above.

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