Everyone has a preference for what they declare their favorite season is. Now when you live in El Paso, Texas, you can experience all four seasons of weather in just one day. But come November is when we start to feel less like a hot sauna and feel more like you just exited from a cold pool. But luckily for El Paso, Texas, the warm weather always arrived sooner than expected in the past sometimes. Even the hot weather kind of takes a while to drift off so cold weather can do its thing. I am not much of a fan of cold weather and prefer to be warm instead of cold. When the cold weather comes around I have all my hoodies and beanies ready to go since I am not a fan of the wintertime. Sometimes in the summer, I dress like it's winter because of how cold it gets here at the station. But that's beside the point.

Since the colder times are coming around it is getting harder for me to get out of my warm bed. Ever since I was little I always envied people who had summer birthdays. I consider summer babies lucky because they could have pool parties for their birthday. If hoodie and beanie season were in a match against tanks and flip flops I would side with tanks and flip flops. In a heartbeat. El Paso's weather is always changing throughout the day and days. One day we're having a cold front then roll into a sunny warm day the next. I came across a meme that I couldn't help but agree with it 100%. The meme basically says how the two seasons, Summer and Winter are fighting over custody of Texas. El Paso, Texas is known for having bipolar weather on occasion. Now I want to know if you had to pick a side, who would you side with during the battle? Leave your vote in the poll below.

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