It's become a little chilly during a normally sunny time in El Paso and people are wondering if it's too soon to bring out the winter wardrobe.

Last week, El Pasoans were shocked to see temperatures in the area dip unseasonably low. People had to dig deep into their closets to pull out their hoodies and jackets and may have had to go into another part of their house to find pants and jackets better suited for the cooler weather.

Myself, I had to head into another closet in my home to find my snuggly sweater and started to wonder- should I pull out the rest of my winter wardrobe while I'm here?

At my home, once the weather starts to warm up, I box up my fleece leggings, fuzzy socks, and cozy sweatshirts and put them on the top shelf in my closet. Then, I start unpacking all my swimsuits, shorts, and crop tops to welcome the warm, sunny weather.

It's quite the chore and not one that I enjoy doing. Usually, this is the time I go through my wardrobe and start pulling out all the items I intend to give away to secondhand stores. So I usually find myself waiting until the last moment I can, which is usually around the time when I can't go out during the day or night without a jacket.

Normally, this happens around Halloween, since every Halloween I find myself freezing at night but sweating profusely during the day at the KLAQ Halloween parade. So that's normally how I gauge when I should be switching out my closet. It's usually the week of Halloween. But now, with the weather getting cooler a lot sooner than normal, I'm wondering if I should start switching out my closet sooner. 

In the next week, the weather will stay in the upper 80s which isn't really sweater weather. So just like every other year, you're probably going to see me wait until the last minute to pull out those hoodies and long pants. At least my behavior is consistent.

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