Everyone in the borderland has their own personal favorite El Paso shirt. Usually, some of us enjoy packing our favorite El Paso shirt when we're going out of town. Because let's face it, we love sporting and showing off our hometown in other area codes.

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But, the question for you is which El Paso shirt is your absolute favorite? There are so many shirts that represent El Paso that we have collected over the years. Although some shirts related to El Paso came about due to unfortunate circumstances.

The shirts I am referring to are the El Paso Strong and Scott Ronson shirts. The El Paso Strong shirt was created after the Walmart shooting that happened on Saturday, August 3, 2019. As for Scott Ronson's shirt, they were made to help raise money for his battle with cancer.

But those aren't the only shirts that are El Paso-made. There are more that you may or may not be aware of. You got to admit, you also feel a little excitement when you spot someone at Disneyland wearing a shirt you recognize or associate with El Paso.

For example, seeing someone in California wearing an El Paso Chihuahuas shirt is always part of your highlights of the day. But below I shared some pictures of some shirts that represent El Paso in their unique way. Feel free to scroll below to check out some of my favorite El Paso shirts I love wearing that remind me of home. Hell, we may even be twins if you have any of the shirts below.

If you would like to check out their apparel, I have linked each clothing brand below.


Brujo Photography Apparel

Sun City Apparel

Chuco Relic

Desert People

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