One of El Paso's favorite shops, Fudge N More, announced this week that they would be closing their doors forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who has ever met me knows I have a massive sweet tooth. Not only do I love sweets, but I especially crave chocolate. Living by UTEP, I would drive past Fudge-N-More at least once a day on my way to the gym and my mind would fill up on thoughts of delicious fudge, chocolate-covered Oreos, and my favorite- chocolate-covered strawberries. By the time I was done exercising and on my way home, I would have to stop off at Fudge-N-More to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The owner Ruby always greeted me while a wide, bright smile no matter how busy the store was. She'd always ask what the occasion was I was buying the sweets for, and most times my answer would be "I was craving some of your strawberries." She'd laugh and we'd chat while she picked out some of the delicious fruit on display and we'd catch up like old friends. I always enjoyed stopping in, even sometimes at night when I was visiting one of the bars nearby, I'd knock on the door to see if she was there and if she was, she'd happily sell me some sweets I could take next door with me. Sadly, those days are now in the past.

Ruby made the announcement on Facebook this week that she would be closing Fudge-N-More's doors permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the Covid pandemic I have permanently closed my shop at 914 N.Mesa.
For any inquires, you my contact me at (915-329-3157 Thank you. Ms.Ruby🍓

Posted by Fudge-N-More on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The news broke my heart, but hopefully Ruby will continue selling her amazing treats even though her storefront is closing. While her sweets were always delicious and hit just the right spot, the thing I'll miss most is her warm smile every time I entered her store. Hope to see you soon again Ruby.

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