Target stores in El Paso, and across the country, just found a new way to make using self checkouts more complicated and aggravating.

Self checkouts are very polarizing for some folks but, overall, I think, most of us have a love/hate relationship with them. Even Walmart has has given up on them in some areas - these New Mexico Walmart's totally ditched 'em.

While they get it and did the right thing, Walmart is doubling down on these things elsewhere. Some are actually making people pay to use them by requiring a Walmart + membership to access them.

If all that wasn't enough, now here comes Target. Their plan limits the number of items you can self checkout. If you have more than 10 things to ring up, off to the human cashier you go.

I spoke to a lady at the Target on Joe Battle and she said that this policy is selectively enforced. According to her, if the self checkout offers a shorter wait ... or, no wait at all ... they'll let you use it.

Now, after you have finished all your shopping, you'll need to survey the cash register situation and decide if the self checkout is quicker. A Target employee will be the judge and jury on this and, if they agree, will grant you access to the hallowed self checkout area.

Those deemed unworthy will be cast back unto the line from whence they came to await their turn scrolling the Target app for coupons and/or counting Kardashians on the magazine rack.

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