If you're planning on talking honey bunny out to dinner at this Texas restaurant, get ready for some sticker shock.

It's not the most expensive restaurant in the world ... we'll get to that one, along with the most expensive one in El Paso, in a minute ... but you will need to make some extra room in your budget to dine there.

If this doesn't impress Bae then, you may need to go find another Bae ...

The most expensive restaurant in Texas is, not surprisingly, located in one of the lone star states biggest, fanciest cities ... Big D. Wanna know where that nickname came from? Click here.

What Is The Most  Expensive Restaurant In Texas?

According to lovefood.com, that honor goes to Monarch.

Monarch in Downtown Dallas only opened in 2021, but has already garnered a reputation as one of the city's hottest eating spots, known for its wood-fired, modern Italian food with a luxury twist. The restaurant is on the 49th floor of The National building, and diners rave about the incredible views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. For a special occasion splurge, The Royale Menu ($299 per person) offers the best the menu has to offer. - lovefood.com

I'd be broke before I left the bar. Jeez, a freakin' old fashioned will set you back $150.00. I don't think they do happy hour specials and, just so you know, there's a dress code.

What Is The Most Expensive Restaurant In El Paso?

The answer here could change daily but, momswhothink.com gave that honor to the Mesa Street Grill, 3800 N. Mesa. I can't confirm or deny this ... I don't get much past bar food myself.

What Is The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World?

Survey says ... ok, beambox.com says ... it's Restaurant Le Meurice. Located in, of course, Paris. A 5 course meal there goes for 400 Euros or $425.89 US dollars. That's almost as much as a flight TO Paris.

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