Spiralmind comes to your TV this weekend.

El Pasoans Matthew Rothblatt and Ben Perez created a superhero they call Spiralmind. Saturday night people all over the country, the world maybe, will meet him via the SyFy channel. I asked Matthew Rothblatt to tell me a little about the characters creation and what his ties to El Paso are. He replied:

Ben Perez and I came up with a superhero that fights demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, the occult all of whom are genetic manipulations of the Nephilim, who are back on earth to reclaim it. Spiralmind, an electrical engineer by day, is able to manipulate phi, the golden ratio, and with the help of a rabbi and a priest they attempt to stop them. Both Ben and I grew up in El Paso, but we purposefully placed the story in a fictional city of Nineveh, USA. We do have a couple of detectives in the story that have a background in a El Paso. And we named the third issue Black Market after the now gone bar we so loved.

See Spiralmind for yourself Saturday night at 7:00 as he makes a cameo appearance in the Lavalantula movie. He plays an extra but, Rothblatt says, Spiralmind should have several closeups. Congrat's to two more local artists making El Chuco look good!