I've seen a couple of stories about this "light sculpture" but didn't really pay much attention. Until I found out the artist was from El Chuco!!

I love it when a homie does good!!

El Pasoan Leo Villareal used 25.000 LED bulbs for his Bay Lights project,turning the San Francisco Bay Bridge from "a bridge" into a work of art ... the worlds largest illuminated sculpture!

Leo drew not only on his talents as an artist for this gig but also on the bridge itself, the way the water flows under it and the way birds fly above it. He even "did the math" incorporating mathematical formulas and physics principles.

Wow ... so much for just sketching tourists in the park huh?

Leo was born in Albuquerque and raised in El Paso and Juarez.  He went to Mesita Elementary and Cathedral High School before finishing high school in Rhode Island.  Leo earned a Bachelors Degree from Yale and now his work will be seen by millions from all over the world!

Not bad for a vato from El Paso huh?!?!  (I wonder if he could do something with those "hoop things" on I-10 east alongside the railroad yards??)


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