it seems as though we may be getting a little closer to the life we had before. On the heels of the announcement that Cinemark is reopening, as well as the El Paso Alamo Drafthouse reopening, AMC Theaters has now announced that they will be reopening in phases. AMC theaters will start to open up on August 20th. In El Paso, AMC El Paso 16, previously known as Carmike, will reopen on August 27th. The other AMC theater in El Paso, AMC Classic East Pointe 12, also known as the "dollar movies" will reopen on September 3rd.

AMC Theaters notes that the re-openings include new "AMC Safe & Clean policies, designed with you in mind". Some of the new policies include mask requirements, reduced auditorium capacities, cashless transactions and simplified menu selections for shorter lines as concession. AMC theaters have also teamed up with Clorox to take care of their cleaning and disinfecting of the auditorium.

Unfortunately for us here in El Paso, we don't get to participate in AMC theater's special offer of 15 cent movie tickets. The offer of 15 cent movie tickets is only available for opening day on August 20th. AMC theaters, however, are offering other great deals that include concession favorites for only $5, as well as membership deals, double points and, my personal favorite, 30% off showings before 5 P.M.

As for movie showings, they do plan to reopen with some classics, like the tenth anniversary of "Inception" as well as "Black Panther" and "Beauty & the Beast". The reopening in does come in time for the highly anticipated release of "Tenet" which is set to open everywhere on September 3rd.

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