The Duggar girls are getting their chance to talk about the scandal involving their brother Josh.  Speaking to Fox News' "The Kelly File," Jill Duggar says she and her sister are more upset that what happened to them was leaked to the media.

The sisters felt it was their responsibility as victims to speak up about their brother.  The girls said they didn't realize they were molested until their parents told them after Josh admitted it to them.  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been heavily criticized for knowing about what son Josh did to their daughters and apparently covering it up.  Both Jill and Jessa say they love and support their brother without reservation.

Here are some of the things that caught my attention during the interview.

Jessa on how what Josh did isn’t really even that bad: “The extent of it was mild, inappropriate touching on fully-clothed victims, most of it while girls were sleeping.”

Jill on how it’s not that bad because it could have been worse: “In our case, it’s very mild compared to what happens to some young women.”

This interview wasn't bad like the first one but it's still creepy. So, the girls admit they were victims but just not like that kind of victim. Fox News said they would like to interview Josh but at this time nothing is in the works.


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