As you've heard by now, Fernando Cuevas is leaving the Buzz Adams Morning Show for greener pastures.

But one last time, he's decided to give his fans a viral eyeful before he walks out. Fernie got a wild hair across his ass and started putting on Halloween costumes we had brought in for a guest to try on. (She's a pole dancer, by the way.) But we underestimated Fernie's desire to try on sexy costumes for himself.

In this video, you'll see that Buzz is insisting Fernie dance to music while dressed as a lady. What this says about Buzz is up to you, but we can promise that there's no sexy dancing in the video. (Kids could find this, you know.)

Fernando, it's been a wild ride. And we support your ... choices in life. Just make sure to practice your tucking techniques. That's "tucking." With a 'T.'

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