Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro new pro-Trump-anit-everybody-who-isn't-pro-Trump book is the number one seller on Amazon. Here's how it went on "The View" last week when she was on the promote "Liars, Leakers and Liberals".

You know how Sean Hannity just LOOOOVES Donald Trump? Well, he's not ever the top Trumper at the Fox News Network. That dubious honor goes to Judge Janine. Donald Trump could walk up to Judge Janine Pirro, jab her in the eye with his thumb and she would start rhapsodizing about what an innovative negotiator he is and how he inauguration crowd was really, really so much bigger than Obama's.

Listen carefully to the part of the interview when we're laying out our argument that Donald Trump is not doing a good job as president. Her retort is "At least you can say 'Merry Christmas' without getting in trouble".
That's the kind of argument you make when you think your audience is stupid. If that's what Jeanine Pirro thinks of her own audience, that's fine. We just couldn't let her get away with insulting the intelligence of OUR audience without saying something.

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