Just thinking of the process you have to go through to get vaccinated shouldn't be sabotaged.

Most El Paso trying to get their vaccine can hopefully find some peace of mind.

I mean just look at how fast registration slots fill up online. I mean it wasn't long ago when 5,000 vaccination spots filled up in just 5 minutes tops.

For some people, it is actually taking them forever just to get an appointment. Now if you're waiting to finally get on the list or just waiting to get your appointment you should avoid doing this.

Some people who have received their vaccine have only experienced a sore arm while others felt the chills and body aches. Those vaccinated that had body aches and chills have referred soon-to-be vaccinated people to avoid it all by popping a pain reliever beforehand.

One of the rules to follow before getting a tattoo is now a rule except for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Yes, it would make sense to pop a pill that will help you from feeling the aches later but you shouldn't. In fact, you taking a pain reliever may help you not feel as bad but defeats the purpose of getting the vaccine.

Should you feel any symptoms after receiving your vaccine then it is okay to take a pain reliever. The experts explained to KVIA why you shouldn't take a pain reliever before your vaccination.

So, if you want the full effect of your vaccine to do its job then don't pop a pain reliever beforehand.

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