It is heartbreaking to think there are some people in El Paso who have been wanting to get vaccinated but haven't had the chance. Now you may be thinking that those people were probably making up excuses when in actuality they aren't. First I must say thank you to those of you who not only look out for your own blood but others as well.

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For example, some of us have felt like our best friend's grandma is like our own grandma. So we look out for those who mean a great deal to us to help them with whatever they may need.

But not everyone else is able to depend on a reliable support system that others are fortunate to have. But sometimes people with a reliable support system can actually be left helpless too.

One local resident Martina Lawson-Hines, who is living with a disability had to share her excitement about finally getting vaccinated after waiting more than a year. Martina Lawson-Hines felt so blessed and as if a weight was lifted off her chest after getting her first vaccine. Now Martina Lawson-Hines is able to feel protected after getting her first dose of Pfizer.

But this would not have been possible for Martina Lawson-Hines if she didn't hear about the Disability Rights of Texas website. Martina Lawson-Hines didn't have to leave home to get vaccinated since the vaccinating van came to her and let her choose which shot she wanted.

Martina Lawson-Hines hopes to spread the word to other disabled residents without a way to go and get vaccinated with no means of transportation. So if you or someone you know has a disability and would like to get vaccinated, get more details by clicking the highlighted link above.

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