Have you ever heard an urban legend so creepy that it begins to live rent free in your head? I recently learned of an urban legend that I cannot stop thinking about!

The story of Donkey Lady Bridge at Old Applewhite Road in San Antonio has been one that has given locals nightmares for decades- and I can totally understand why! It's super interesting but also super creepy!

It all has to do with an entity known as the "donkey lady" that has the most tragic origin story trailing back decades; but exactly when did it start? Well, that is up for debate- the legend has been around for so long that, naturally, as time went on, multiple versions spawned.

But for decades, the Donkey Lady has been said to be haunting the Donkey Lady bridge after she was disfigured in a fire; a fire that left her face and hands burnt to resemble hooves and a snout.

How the fire began is also up for debate; but the most tragic of the theories is that her husband began the fire.

Since then, the locals have traveled to Donkey Lady bridge in an effort to possibly get a glimpse of Donkey Lady and to find out more.

As scary and creepy as it may seem- the locals love her! She's become such a prominent figure to those who grew up that one woman has started performing as the Donkey Lady and has a short film coming out soon!

Texas has so many scary local legends, but this one has spawned a whole cultural phenomena!

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