Creepy Carwashes are apparently a thing!

I recently discovered one on TikTok that resides in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Their creepy carwash is based off of the Mothman urban legend! Check it out below:

Okay, so it's just a regular car wash with the name "Mothman"- but it's a pretty cool concept; it even gives you a little history on the Mothman urban legend!

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As we approach spooky season in the Lone Star state, it would be pretty cool if Texas hosted a creepy carwash based on a popular Texas urban legend; kind of like a Spirit store that occupies a vacant spot and is only around for the holiday season.

But which urban legend would Texas use? There's so many! We've actually had this conversation on the Morning Show and many call in with their favorite Texas based urban legends!

Adam Flocker via Unsplash
Adam Flocker via Unsplash

Now, it is a carwash meaning there will be water- and the obvious answer would La Llorona! Many of us in Texas are a little too familiar with La Llorona.

The weeping woman would be a great carwash attraction! As you enter the carwash, and as the water and soap engulf your car, you hear the cries of La Llorona! Will you be the next victim of La Llorona? Will you make it out of the carwash? Will you get the wax layer at the end? There's only one way to find out.

If creepy carwashes aren't a thing, then there's always a haunted carwash to check out!

Happy hauntings!

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