Yes the big news involving dollar stores is that over 1,000 Family Dollar & Dollar Tree stores will be closing but will that affect Texas? This is pretty big news considering that a good majority of Dollar Tree stores exist in Texas alone; 9% of all the Dollar Tree stores are in Texas which is a total of 714 stores. Then you have Family Dollar; 1,166 Family Dollar stores in Texas as of 2024 & you can find a list of every city with a Family Dollar here. At the time of this writing, over 600 Family Dollar stores will close this year in 2024.

If dollar stores close in Texas; what will this mean for Texans?

Considering a good majority of these stores are found in smaller & rural towns all over the state, this can be very problematic. For many families, this is the main source for their groceries, toys, cleaning supplies, beddings, medicine, etc. And it's definitely possible that in some of these towns, this is the closest store to their house without having to travel to a much bigger store like Target or Walmart.

I know where we work, there's a Family Dollar not too far from the radio station. Many people go there because not only of the convenience, but also it's affordable too. So with all these stores closing in the U.S., if some were to close in Texas, that's also very problematic.

Now I'm not going to pretend that dollar stores are perfect; they're not. No store is. But it's going to be shocking to see how many (if any) will be closing in the state in the future; hopefully it won't be any time soon...

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