Dollar Trees are doing well in business since they’re taking over Family Dollar locations! Some Family Dollar locations will either be rebranded or shut down this year. Apparently, Dollar Tree is your absolute favorite place to make your dollar holler. We all enjoy saving as many bucks as we can on needed necessities.

The Dollar Tree will sell you those needed necessities to for just a dollar compared to Family Dollar. You know there are a numerous amount of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree locations in El Paso. We don’t know exactly which Family Dollar locations in El Paso will either be shut down or rebranded. But what we do know is they will be closing up to 390 stores and rebrand 200 others.

Hopefully, they won’t close the Family Dollar you’re a frequent customer at that’s conveniently on the way home. I just hope they either keep Family Dollar near Executive Center and N. Mesa open or rebrand the store. Pick the store you make it rain dollar bills down below!

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