Since El Paso hasn't been on Live PD lately, I haven't been much of an avid viewer like before. I actually don't watch the show anymore unless there is nothing else on. Although a part of me was relieved they stopped filming here in El Paso for a few reasons. But one particular reason was that I would hate to be featured on the show if I ever got pulled over.

Another reason why it was entertaining to watch was to see if I knew anyone who was featured. The only episode I saw people I know was when Live PD was at DeadBeach Brewery. I didn't know the bad guy but saw some people I used to work with at the bar. Not only did you enjoy watching people embarrass themselves at their own expense on national television but also for the officers. There was an episode that I still continue to laugh my a** off every time I see it. The one above about the dudes teaching us a lesson about saving money by eating at home instead of going out to eat. A lot of men and women began crushing on certain police officers after seeing them on television. Take the poll below if you miss seeing El Paso or not on Live PD.

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