We all have our favorite go-to dive bar in El Paso when we need to unwind. It isn't the place that makes a dive bar unique, it's the staff, regulars, drink specials, food, and music.

Dive bars with a special place in your heart should be the ones that allow your kids inside as well.

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You have the regular dive bar you visit often where not only the regulars know you but bartenders as well. In fact, some of you have your spots that you enjoy and feel as if you're a part of a Cheers scene.

Well, today is National Dive Bar Day so we should celebrate. Plus it's a legitimate reason to make a pit stop at your fave one before heading home today.

Don't only stop by for the food and drinks but also to thank your bartender for all they hear, see, and do. Some people have just one favorite dive bar they visit for a cold one and go nowhere else.

While others (like me) have a few favorites and can't narrow it down to just one.

As a rock n' roll mommy I got kids that tag along I need to think about. So if you're a parent and looking for a dive bar that is kid-friendly in the borderland, keep reading and scrolling down.

Here are a few dive bars that definitely make my cut for kid-friendly dive bars in El Paso. Oh, and by the way, Happy National Dive Bar Day!

  • via Grahams Corner Facebook
    via Grahams Corner Facebook

    Grahams Corner

    This is the spot Coronado and Franklin's students encounter a high school reunion from time to time. But overall the service and food make you feel right at home. Plus, at Grahams Corner, they make kids special treats and drinks. Kids can have a frozen popsicle or drink. While you enjoy your adult beverage your kid can enjoy their frozen treat.

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue

    Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue is another top favorite place of mine. Aside from seeing great acts like Ray Arreola and Shim under that roof, this rocking spot screams dive bar that parents enjoy grubbing and having a drink at. Now at the Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue is where they have daily drink specials. Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue's policy is your minor is welcome as long as they're accompanied by you. Also, I have heard good things about their tacos and other food items.

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    The Tap

    One of the historic dive bars in El Paso was bound to make the cut. How could it not? After all, they're loved for their atmosphere and nachos above all. But this place has probably had more customers than any other dive bar in El Paso. Simply because of its past history and continuing to serve El Paso to this day. Their menu options have kid-friendly items and celebrate Taco Tuesday with $1 tacos.

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