There are some videos of a hospitalized man that is going viral after he shared a disturbing image. The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared the pictures on their Instagram Wednesday, May 5. The picture is still being filled with comments, but most of the comments are just people cracking jokes.

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This kind of situation might have you wondering about your previous hospital stays. You won't hesitate to double-check your personal plastic pitcher after seeing this from here on out. It's a scary and sensitive subject since hospitals are supposed to avoid mishaps like this.

Imagine whatever that dude went in for felt like after discovering dirt sprinkled inside the ice? That must have been a worrying moment for him that's for sure. For example, ap1andre's comment on the picture was a bit harsh but received 700 likes.

There are two separate pictures that the hospitalized man shared on Snapchat. One picture shows an orange drink with ice containing dirt in it with a Ciudad Juarez location filter. The other picture shows the dude's facial expression with the hospital's filter.

For all we know, the Ciudad Juarez filter on the dirty ice picture could have been taken somewhere else. But situations like this happen at all sorts of places.

You know sometimes you've had to send back silverware because it still had leftover food dried on. But after reading the hospitalized dude's short story, will you start checking your ice at every hospital stay? Leave your opinion in the poll below.

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