An El Pasoan just found that out the hard way after cops say they were given bogus information about a car accident.

The El Paso Police Department received a call about a man who had been hospitalized after a car accident. He allegedly told the EPPD officers it was a hit and run but cops were skeptical from the start as his injuries didn't seem to match his story.

According to KTSM, their suspicions were later confirmed when a video of the incident surfaced showing the guy involved in a fight and punching the jeep he claimed to have been struck by. Just so you know:

False reports take investigators away from other investigations and delay active investigations. The El Paso Police Department will present charges against individuals who intentionally provide false information. - KTSM

The charge you would face for lying to the Po-Po is a Class B misdemeanor. In this case, a warrant was issued and the accused individual was picked up later and booked on a $2,500 bond. The penalties can include mandatory jail time if the person charged has a prior conviction for a felony or any previous class A or B misdemeanors.

The penalty can be as much as 1 year in jail and/or up to $4K in fines plus all the other drawbacks that go with having a conviction on your record. Trouble getting certain jobs or security clearances for example.

In terms of penalties, probation is also a common sentence for those convicted of the charge(s) levied against them.

Bottom line here is, don't lie to the cops.


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