Yay us ... not only are things bigger here, they're more likely to kill you.

Things really are bigger here. Not only are our animals bigger in Texas, so is the harm they can do us.

Snakes for instance. There are venomous snakes all over the United States of America but the deadliest one(s) live in the lone star state.

According to MSN.com:

... the deadliest snake in the United States is the rattlesnake. There have been more fatal bites by rattlesnakes than by other snakes. The eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the largest rattlesnake. - MSN

Well, for what it's worth, at least we don't have the biggest ones here. Although we do have western diamondbacks and they aren't exactly tiny. They can grow to 6 feet or more in length.

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There are 10 types of rattlesnakes scattered across Texas including diamondbacks, blacktailed's and rock rattlers. In addition to them, some parts of Texas are also home to cottonmouths, (aka water moccasins), copperheads and coral snakes.

Rattlers, copperheads and cottonmouth's all have hemotoxic venom while coral snakes have a neurotoxic venom, like cobras and black widows. Probably a stronger venom but they are smaller and less aggressive.

Rattlers can be very aggressive and there are a lot more of them which is probably what put them at the top of the "deadly list".

If you are bitten by a venomous snake, you need to get medical help fast but try to stay calm.

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  • Apply first aid while waiting for EMS staff to get you to the hospital.
  • Lay or sit down with the bite in a neutral position of comfort.
  • Remove rings and watches before swelling starts.
  • Wash the bite with soap and water.
  • Cover the bite with a clean, dry dressing.
  • Mark the leading edge of tenderness/swelling on the skin and write the time alongside it. - cdc.gov

For more advice, click here. (Careful, graphic pictures in that link.)

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