I have seen some crazy stuff over the years on El Paso’s streets.

One thing we all love to do is point out that people from New Mexico, Juarez … anywhere that’s not Texas basically … can’t drive. Let’s keep that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” adage in mind here, ok?

I’ve seen the stupid side of drivers from here just as often as I’ve seen it from visitors. I once saw a guy riding on a huge tool box with wheels, struggling to keep it straight as it was being pulled by a guy in a truck. Wait, that was me.  Moving on …

I asked a few friends to share some of the dumbest things they have seen Borderland drivers do and they threw some good ones at me. Things like:

  • A car with a mattress on the roof being physically held in place by the driver and the passenger, each with one arm out the window, grasping the mattress.
  • Multitasking while driving. We’ve all seen … and probably been guilty of doing … this. Things like driving while: applying makeup, texting, reading the newspaper, (!?!?), facing a rear seat passenger while arguing with them and eating. Not a quick chip sneak mind you, a full on, plated meal..
  • A car with a flat tire continuing to drive at full speed, the rim creating a shower of sparks and gouging the pavement.
  • A yard man, (I don’t know that I want to use the word “landscaper” here), dragging 2 lawn mowers bungee corded to his bumper. He had weed-eaters, rakes, brooms, etc, too. I know because they were sticking out of the rear windows,
  • A driver who tried driving on the sidewalk and got stuck between a telephone pole and a rock wall. Seriously, look...
Photo, Sandra McNeil
Photo, Sandra McNeil

My two wheeled brethren have their moments too. One friend saw 3 people on 1 motorcycle and another involved a biker whose passenger was holding onto a loaded shopping cart.

Another of my personal, non-vehicle, favorites involves a bicyclist carrying a full size, (6-8 foot) ladder balanced on his shoulders with his head sticking up between the center rungs. He was, slowly, pedaling his way UP Trans Mountain Road, near Tom Mays Park. (Now THAT is a strong work ethic.)

Just a few of the oddities witnessed daily around these parts. Be careful out there folks.


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