Some El Paso drivers have gotten toll bills from other Texas cities.

If you get one, call the number on the bill and explain that it wasn't you.  Otherwise, it could cause you problems.

This happened to me once over a toll near Houston. I hadn't been to Houston in 10 years so, I ignored it. The toll and various fees came to about $15. Soon, another bill came with late fees and interest which I also ignored. This went on and on until the bill topped $150. That's when I called them. It was an error in the license plate number, the lady was way cool and things were settled at no charge to me.

Had I kept ignoring it though, things could have gotten more complicated.

Unpaid tolls are subject to criminal misdemeanor charge + Toll + Court Fees + up to $250 Special Fine. Extreme cases can result in registration block; vehicle ban; as well as criminal misdemeanor charges, a fine up to $500 and impoundment. (

If you get an incorrect one or really do fail to pay a toll once the Border West Expressway starts charging ... (no word on when that will be yet) ... handle it quickly!


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