Normally the only television I watch is stuff I can learn from such as nature, cars, space, and of course local and national news coverage. Every now and again a show comes along that I just can't keep to myself and that show is TBS's "The Detour".

I'm  NOT going ruin the premise of this soon to be if not hit comedy. This show is probably one of the most dysfunctional things I've watched since I fell in love with Married With Children! Now if you're not into funny sadistic comedy just keep watching the same CSI reruns. This show takes what life can throw at a family and then some. If the shenanigans in this show are any indication this show will end in a few more seasons. Not that I want it too, just don't know how much torment one family can sustain.

Tuesday's have turned out to be quite exciting since "The Detour" entered in my life. All thanks to my lovely wife, who seems to think this show presents us. Not sure about that but any case it won't be boring..stay tuned!


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