There are more than a handful of outrageous moments that took place in El Paso and went viral. There have been times I felt embarrassed for my hometown for humiliating moments people tie to the 915. For Example, many moons ago some situations occurred that have been forever remembered. There may have been some times you were humiliated but was in private and won't follow you to your grave. There are some local celebrities that will always and forever be talked about. I would hate to be remembered as the woman who was touchy-feely especially for all to see.

There are two people out there who landed a handy dandy nickname from a sexual act. It didn't help when that couple got caught red-handed on national television. SMDHorn YouTube channel circled the action in yellow as if it wasn't obvious. The worst part about it all is they took a while to cut from their quickie adventure in public. I am not sure if that handy dandy couple is still an item these days. But either way, they will forever be remembered just like the older man at a tailgate brawl. There was a huge brawl that went down at a Texas Tech tailgate at the Sun Bow. Heck, I recently saw a Covid-19 meme made with the older man from the Texas Tech tailgate brawl.

It is hilarious how these people won't be able to live these moments down, ever. It is a toss-up on who would win a battle between those wildest 915 moments. You can vote for 915's finest moment between the handjob couple and the tailgate brawl below.

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