Mars Volta fans have been patiently waiting to see what kind of news is about to be revealed.

Just last weekend we noticed The Mars Volta had posted a teaser for fans that have us brainstorming.

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I remember something similar happening that had me reminiscing on how the Deftones made their new album announcement. I remember so many Deftones fans were confused as to what the waypoints meant when Deftones shared them.

Well, turns out the waypoints led fans to a huge billboard about their new album announcement.

It seems another rock band has somewhat used the same concept on Twitter just this past weekend.

waypoints, 34.0556° N, and 118.2457°

Apparently, the Texan band may be planning something secretly which excites us beyond anything.

Faminepulse shared a picture of a card mentioning the #Voltacube.

Clearly, The Mars Volta fans in El Paso surely wish this could have happened closer to home. But for now, we are rejoicing anyways about what this news could possibly mean for us fans.

Different people who located the waypoints were led to this black voltacube in Los Angeles. Just scroll through the evidence provided by other fans who captured what the fuss was all about on camera.

Well turns out, all of this led up to their biggest announcement that has fans going nuts. The Mars Volta shared tour dates with one Texas show in Dallas, Texas.

We sure were hoping that The Mars Volta would stop in El Paso but unfortunately, they're not. The closest is Dallas, Texas, so road trip anyone?

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