It seems like forever when you think about the last time the Deftones released a new album. The last album you remember being released in April 2016 was Gore. All Deftones fans have been longing for this kind of moment since forever ago. This past weekend NBC San Diego paid a visit to Chino Moreno at Dia De Los Deftones festival. NBC San Diego got straight to the point about what has been lingering in our minds.

From the sound of it, Chino Moreno wants to settle our nerves and aim for releasing the new album sooner than later. But if all else fails then we can expect to see the Deftones new album released in 2020. Chino Moreno doesn't give an exact date just because he will then be held to that particular date. This will be the Deftones ninth studio release and we're all looking forward to it especially when they go on tour.

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