For the longest time, Deftones fans in El Paso had to plan a road trip just to buy the band's beer. But now you can spare the gas and mileage to score some Deftones beer right here in El Paso. This has always been an issue for Deftones fans in El Paso since the band teamed with Belching Beaver Brewery.

It's crazy when the things you least expect to happen actually happen is one of the greatest feelings. For example, if you've read my previous articles over the years about Deftones you know I have always wished something that has finally come true. If you're unsure, a quick recap to catch you up is I had always wished El Paso would sell Deftones beers for so long.

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Well, you finally have the opportunity to experience the taste of Deftones beer Phantom Bride which's an India Pale Ale from Belching Beaver Brewery. My first time trying Deftones beer was over 800 miles away at the first annual Dia De Los Deftones in San Diego, California. A girlfriend of mine and I would always talk the talk about taking a road trip just to bring back some Deftones beer.

Now, no Deftones has to ever put unwanted extra miles on their vehicle from here on out. I believe luck was on my side when Jackie an associate assisted me with finding a six-pack of Deftones Phantom Bride. If you've also been waiting for this moment to happen you can now rejoice.

If you've wanted to try Deftones beer you can now pick up a six-pack from WB Liquors and Wine. The location that seems to be stocked with Belching Beaver Brewery's beer is off Balboa Road and N. Mesa St. I seriously hope after sharing the Deftones vital beer news with you doesn't screw my opportunity for scoring my own Deftones 6 pack.

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