While performing at Lollapalooza Stockholm over the weekend, the Foo Fighters singer thanked the doctor who held his broken leg up during his set in 2015. Dave Grohl earned even more respect from his adoring fans when he broke his leg and not only continued the set that night, but had a rock n roll throne built so he could continue touring. Well, now it's 2019 and the Foo Fighters were back in Sweden over the weekend and he thanked the doctor who helped him continue his set.

The Foo Fighters were performing this past weekend at Lollapalooza Stockholm and Grohl dedicated their song "My Hero" to Dr. Johan Sampson. Grohl told the audience that Dr. Sampson was in the audience and asked for their help getting the doc on the stage. The band began playing the song while the audience crowd surfed Dr. Sampson to the stage.

This isn't the first time Dave Grohl and the doctor reunited. Back in 2017, Grohl pranked the audience at a concert when he pretended to fall but reunited with the doctor onstage. Dr. Sampson also posted a photo with Grohl and Foo Fighters' guitarist Pat Smear on Instagram. Check out the doc's photo below.

DIRECTV Super Saturday Night 2019 - Foo Fighters & Run The Jewels Performances
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