I never read comic books so for me, to recommend this TV show, which is only available on Netflix, says a lot. Daredevil explores a dark part of New York City.

It’s about a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock. He is a good guy who tries to fight corruption, drugs and gang rule. Matt lost his eyesight in a tragic accident when he was a kid. Apparently, the toxic chemical that took his vision left him with something special. Matt Murdock is able to hear, feel and taste the world around him. Don't we all have the same senses?

I guess one thing I don't have is his awesome fighting skills. Matt Murdock is fighting Wilson Fisk, the guy who runs the underbelly of New York called Hell’s Kitchen. Check out Daredevil on Netflix to get into the story more. I’m super excited because it’s been confirmed that Daredevil will be back for a second season.