Everyone loves bumper stickers, right? They're a great way to showcase your personality, and in Texas, there's no shortage of ways to proclaim your love for the Lone Star state with bumper stickers!

Don't Mess with Texas Bumper Sticker

But have you ever thought about what personal information you might be giving out to complete strangers who might be dangerous?

Sure, there are definitely some funny bumper stickers that don't give out too much personal information, usually anything with the words "your mom" are hilarious:

Frog Mustard via Etsy
Frog Mustard via Etsy

But there are plenty of bumper stickers out there that you may inadvertently may be giving out too much information that could be dangerous. An article from Seton Hall University points out some of the bumper stickers on your car that may be giving way too much personal information.

For example, a church bumper sticker can reveal where you are on a Sunday morning. And while some parents may feel pride in their students achievements, putting a bumper sticker that says where your child attends school is dangerous.

CRanime via Etsy
CRanime via Etsy

Really, anything that can hint where your children are, or even how many children you have are dangerous.

Family bumper sticker could be dangerous in Texas
Boston Baked Tees via Etsy

These are extremely popular, and sometimes they have the names, which can let strangers know your children's name- and your pets name!

Other bumper stickers can inadvertently hint to strangers what could possibly be inside your car that's of value like company stickers which can let strangers now not only where you work but that there may be valuable laptops inside. NRA stickers (even pro-gun stickers) could hint that there could be a valuable gun inside!

Perhaps one that I didn't even think could be dangerous, is this one:

dangerous bumper stickers in Texas
Customvinyldecals777 via Etsy

This lets strangers know you are left alone for long periods of time!

You can check out a full list here, and while it may sound like you can't have fun and decorate your car with some fun stickers, maybe just think carefully before you put it!

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