When you're at a red light sometimes you find yourself checking out the stickers on other cars. As for the people that know me, know I am all about putting stickers on my ride. There are some stickers that you come across that are either cool or hilarious.

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So far the funniest sticker I have seen was on a family van on the Eastside of town. The sticker on the van's rear window is of a stick figure family with a funny caption. The van's sticker basically asks drivers to honk if drivers see a kid fall out.

Some of us enjoy it when other rides have stickers because it gives us reading material in traffic or at a red light. Then there are other stickers people have that show you that they have zero shame.

There is someone in San Antonio, Texas that is turning heads with their explicit sticker on their rear window. If you know Spanish, then you clearly understand what it says. But if you don't, the sticker basically says "take out your chi chis" in big white letters.

A Reddit user LilTummyAche had shared the photo of the pick-up truck's explicit sticker that caused a situation because of the verbiage. We remember Scott Ronson's ChiChi's of the Day, which Scott spelled as "chichis" not "chiches" remember?

Well, that driver probably preferred their unique way of spelling it out which bothered others. But I can just imagine when that driver heads over to their family get-togethers on the holidays.

So far I haven't come across any explicit stickers like that on any ride in El Paso. Thank goodness.

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