If you're looking for a place to get the COVID-19 vaccine done, I have some good news. Walmart has announced that they will be doing drive-by clinics to get the vaccine administered in El Paso this Thursday, the 25th.

There will only be one location however; the Walmart located at 7101 Gateway Blvd West near Cielo Vista Mall.

If you want to register for the vaccine, you can register right here. You must bring an ID, proof of vaccine eligibility, and insurance card, if you have one (it's not required) & according to Walmart's website, the vaccine IS free. You can see the map of all the COVID-19 testing locations for Walmart right here.

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Many El Pasoans are continuing to search for locations to receive the vaccine. Recently, University Medical Center opened up registration for 5,000 first-time vaccines and saw those registrations be filled within three minutes.

Don't be discouraged. El Paso representatives and health officials are working hard to get more available vaccines. Once we know any more updates, we will be sure to let you know about them. Make sure to download our free 95.5 KLAQ app and sign up for our newsletter to stay connected to any updates. Plus, we send you helpful info to get you through the day, such as music news, El Paso news, and weird things you never knew you needed.

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