The perpetrator of the 2019 Walmart mass shooting was sentenced last week to 90 consecutive life sentences.

Multiple Fatalities In Mass Shooting At Shopping Center In El Paso
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The killer admitted that he drove from Plano to El Paso to carry out his craven attack…because he wanted to go somewhere where he could kill Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

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Now, the country of Mexico has responded to the multiple life sentences. In a news release from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs this is what they said:

“The ruling is a clear condemnation against hate speech, xenophobia, white supremacy, and any act of violence.”

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The El Paso Walmart shooting was the deadliest anti-Latino attack in U.S. history. In his manifesto, the gunman stated his belief in the so-called “Great Replacement” theory.

That’s the (false) belief that immigration and migration are a conspiracy to push white people out of or to the margins of society.

The Great Replacement had been a talking point from extreme racist groups that was taken mainstream by many conservative “pundits”, notably Tucker Carlson.

22 Dead And 26 Injured In Mass Shooting At Shopping Center In El Paso
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23 innocent people were killed in the horror of that day. The gunman, 24 years old now, received consecutive life sentences for all of the 90 federal charges, including hate crimes and firearms offenses, all of which he admitted to and pled guilty to.

The Mexican Ministry also said in the release that they are:

“…committed to providing proactive, humane, and comprehensive assistance to all Mexicans abroad, regardless of their immigration status.”

The shooter has been remanded to state custody. El Paso D.A. Bill Hicks says they will be asking for the death penalty in the state’s case.

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