Cold’s ‘American Dream’ video tells the story of just that: the sometimes unrealistic ideals and idyllic goals that so many average Americans strive for, yet never attain. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase, but Americans never give up on the dream. Also in this clip is the pervasive idea that nothing is ever quite like it seems, either.

The band plays in a field and against the backdrop of a star-dotted sky in the video. The performance scenes are in turn spliced with footage of the narrative, featuring what appears like an all-American family on the surface. At the center of the family is a beautiful strawberry blonde teen, who deals with her distant father, her alcoholic mother, her disaffected brother and more. Viewers follow her as she faces the drama that comes  along with being a member of a dysfunctional family.

The teen sneaks out, lays in the grass and gazes at stars with her suitor. For this one moment, time stops for her.

What’s so impressive about the video is how Cold manage to effectively convey the sadness inherent in these characters. In the space of a few minutes, you will find yourself caring about the people and the plights on your screen as their dreams demonstrate the makings of a potential nightmare.

‘American Dream’ is the second single from Cold’s latest ‘Superfiction.’

Watch Cold ‘American Dream’ Video

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