You know it's winter in El Paso when you start seeing clouds of smoke rising from the ground up.

I am sure you have noticed the same thing when you’re driving on I-10 East and West just across the border.

That is another reason why El Paso tends to have pollution rings surrounding the city. If you’re asking what rings, just take the Scenic Drive route in the morning and you will see what I mean by pollution rings.

Seeing that just makes you feel lucky to have a warm house you can go home to. Our cold still isn’t tolerable unless you’re from Rogers Pass, Montana then El Paso’s cold is a piece of cake.

My dad used to be a cop and told me stories of how he and his partner would catch the homeless burning tires for heat. Now, the pro about burning a tire is the fire could last for a long time which means staying warm longer. The con, it’s bad to burn tires because the smoke is toxic.

Sometimes you can see that when you’re driving through I-10 near Schuster. There are less fortunate families in Juarez that go without heat during these cold times.

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