Now that summer is finally here just remember to always follow water park rules and try to avoid making your own water slide. Every other time we will see someone at a water park going down a slide ending in failure.

TPMvideo's is a compilation of many people who had an epic fail going down the water slide. There are a variety of clips of people from water parks, home made slides that are close to near death experiences and knock outs. It's crazy witnessing the close calls to death some people have had riding water slides. Luckily Wet N' Wild has not had any problems in that department. This fails and falls part two catches so many funny and scary moments going down the water slides. One that was really jaw dropping was when the guy went mid air and luckily fell back into the slide as he went down.

If you're planning on making your own backyard water slide, be sure to leave it to the professionals!

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