When you're watching live television it can either be funny or horrific to witness. Above are some unforgettable moments that were caught live that we won't ever forget and always remember.

The Richest provided a handful of clips from news stations reporting live events that ended up being a tragedy. I still get goosebumps seeing the Virginia news clip and hurting for her family if they were watching that interview. Usually not all live airs are always bad,  they're enjoyable when the bloopers are caught on camera that gets you to laugh. The head butt and Madonna clips seem way less of a dramatic exposure compared to others. Another that was blown way out of proportion was the "Olympic kiss" exchanged between two girls. Then one that was hard to watch even though it was long ago in Near Waco, Texas. Hopefully our local news stations won't ever go through the rough so we won't ever witness something dreadful!

You may have forgotten some of these but it sure will bring back the feeling you felt when you heard about these events.

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