El Paso isn't the only place that has THOSE kind of drivers like Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding! Every city either has a driver that makes last-minute decisions or uses their phone.

Ceci Flores almost had a close call herself as she was exiting I-10 at Raynolds. It's always a good precaution to have a dash camera like Ceci. If that red SUV were to hit Ceci she would have her proof to show she wasn't in the wrong. But this goes to show what kind of drivers share the road with us on our way to work or home. Don't bump up your chances to meet God by being one of the two types of drivers. Be sure to fill in the blank below with your opinion of our fellow El Pasoan drivers.

So if you fall into one of the two types of drivers in El Paso, one: please kill those bad habits and two: remember you're not the only one on the road.

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