Since the pandemic has restricted certain activities for us to do, locals have resorted to other things. After concerts, games, movie theaters, and stores had shut down there wasn't much to do. During those times (before some re-opened) I noticed a lot of El Pasoans out and about enjoying nature. Before the pandemic, I didn't see as many people outdoors exercising as I do now. So having a limited amount of things to do it is nice to see new open and free fun come about. Luckily, young cyclists can enjoy a new spot to put their cycling skills to the test. There is a new pump track that will be opening soon. The all-new pump track will is located at Cimarron Canyon Park located on the Westside of town. This new bike pump track is for the youngsters to up their biking skills.

El Paso's Finest Master Planned Community is excited to bring you the new parks to the Westside. The Cimarron Canyon Park looks like a beautiful place to get your workout in and take the kids for some fun. So if your youngster has been wanting to amp up their bike skills Cimarron Canyon Park is the place. Cimarron Canyon Park plans on opening up to the public next Wednesday, September 16. Besides the pump track, there will be other attractions for you to enjoy. Cimarron Canyon Park has play and lawn areas, picnic areas, and access to urban trails. This new park area is what our community needs that involves being outdoors.

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