It was Saturday, August 3 when El Paso, Texas had the unimaginable happen. A shooting occurred at the Cielo Vista Walmart where 22 innocent lives were taken. Walmart has remained closed since the horrific tragedy but plans to reopen on Thursday. There have been setbacks before but it looks like this will be the actual reopening of the Cielo Vista Walmart.

There has been a lot of talk among people who said they should have demolished the Cielo Vista location and relocated. While there are others who believe it is still too soon to reopen Walmart. Before the shooting, I have always preferred going to the Cielo Vista Walmart until the massacre occurred. I am not sure how I will feel about picking up some essential items from that Walmart location. After knowing what happened at that Walmart makes it difficult for me to step foot in that store. I am curious if you would be able to shop at the Cielo Vista Walmart once it reopens since the 22 people lost their lives there. Take the poll below if you will still shop there or prefer not to.

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